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Welcome to the MICHIGAN PATRIOT GUARD website.


We are the Michigan Patriot Guard Inc. (MPG) a registered 501 (c) 3 non profit charity that receives donated funds to distribute here in Michigan to provide assistance to deserving families of the fallen and/or wounded service personnel, or Veterans in critical financial need.

Each year we raise tens of thousands of dollars by having events such as rides and raffles, or by displaying our fund raising booth at fairs, festivals, and bike shows around the state, and use that money to help many Michigan Heroes in need.

All of our members are unpaid volunteers.

If you wish to learn more please use the tabs above to find that information. If you need more information, please use the contact us tab above.

If you wish to join us there is no cost to do so; just register a user account and we'll contact you soon.

If you would like the Michigan Patriot Guard to Stand in Honor at a Memorial/Funeral service for a family member KIA or Veteran, or to attend a Welcome Home Event for a returning Soldier or a Send Off for one that is departing for an overseas tour of duty, or if you know a deserving soldier or Veteran in need, please contact us for more information about who to contact in your area.


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